Excitic is a website localization and translation tool that helps you to create and manage multilingual websites. It shortens translation time, keeps website translation up-to-date and hides all technical details from editors and translators.

Excitic Website Localization Tool

Excitic Website Localization Tool


  • Provides easy to use visual environment to edit, manage and reuse translations.
  • Wipes out change management costs using the built-in translation management system.
  • Increases translation quality by checking translated texts for consistency and common mistakes.
  • Works with almost any type of websites:  HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Perl, MySQL, Oracle, and etc.
  • Reduces implementation costs and development times.
  • Simplifies international search optimization.
  • Utilizes both automatic machine and human translation.

Who is it for?

Excitic Website Localization Tool was designed for any size of organization who wishes to create websites with multiple languages. It completely automates the creation and management of multilingual websites, wiping out development effort and speeding up access to new markets. It solves the following tasks

  • Translation management and reuse
  • Multilingual content synchronization
  • Collaboration with external translators
  • Translation quality assurance
  • High productivity

How it works?

Excitic extracts localizable resources from your website and makes it easy to translate, check and preview translation. When translation is ready it creates localized version of your website.

Translation can be done in-house or delegated to external translators. In the latter case, translation tasks are distributed via self-extracting localization kits with a project file and a ‘lite’ edition of Excitic for translators.

Translation management systems helps you to update translations when  you change your site, you need to translate only new and changed content.

In Details

Localize Content, Scripts and Images

Wide range of formats supported HTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Perl, and etc. Database localization: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and other ODBC compatible

Multilingual Content Management

Leverage, capture, and manage translations by using Translation Memory and Terminology Management databases.

Once you localize your site, it is much easier to translate further updates. Scan for Changes leverages your previous work so when you release new version, you need to translate only new or changed content.

Project reports, statuses and statistics help to estimate translation cost and follow website localization progress.

Protection of source code and other non-translatable elements

Visual content translation and editing, including translatable text within scripts. Binary localization for .NET code.

Automatic Translation

Reduce translation costs through using mixture of human and cutting-edge machine translations. Combine it with efficient validation tools.

Translators Collaboration

Exchange Wizard ensures effortless collaboration between managers, translators and QA team. Free Translator Edition is easy to use translation environment that can be distributed to translators without any additional license fees.

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